Diamante and Desserts
Starring the following model:
"Ginger gets pied and covered in sloppy trifle and creamed rice."

Dressed in a black (and dry clean only) evening dress, strappy heels, and a diamante necklace, Ginger Dubberdee once again becomes the victim of several variously filled pies (It's the old favourites, of course, namely creamed rice and black treacle!). Soon her dress and hair is smothered in greasy cream and sticky treacle. She takes a pie to the bum (both over and under the dress!) then pours a very runny trifle over herself. We cut to a treacle smeared Ginger who now takes a plate of very, very cold cream to her bare boobs whilst berating her boyfriend (Trouso) via the medium of song and a few choice expletives!

Enjoy the usual blend of foodie mess, genuine chit chat and ear pearcing shrieks! Note: Trouso appears in shot from time to time but does not get messy

The video features footage from both SD and super sharp HD sources remastered and presented in 16:9.

File count:2
Total size:451.71 MB
Total runtime:16 mins, 40 secs
Date added:2/22/17
Scene ID:16872

Includes these files:
3,808 Kbps
255.4 MB
9.4 minutes
3,756 Kbps
196.31 MB
7.3 minutes

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