Luvverley Dubberdee Part 2
Starring the following model:
"Ginger's trashing continues with more pies and lashings of greasy gunge!"

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Total runtime:25 mins, 26 secs
Date added:11/25/16
Year produced:2016
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Luvverley Dubberdee Part Two continues from the same session as scene 1 (available separately).

The messy action continues as Ginger Dubberdee (dress and bra now removed) crushes two big cream flans against her own sizeable 36FF boobs and receives a very runny trifle to the top of the head. Trouso smears the copious amounts of cream all over her hair and upper body--to GD's protests.

Next it's warm black treacle over the head (which she smears into her big supple boobs) followed by a pie (clumsily) applied to her face. But don't worry, tenacious Trouso scoops up handfuls of glop from the floor and rubs it in--to G's further long suffering protests.

Reel 2--And out comes the 2 kg of margarine in a bowl. After refusing at first, GD agrees to allow it to be used (see trailer!). It's a slippery customer though and has to be retrieved from the floor and squashed very firmly onto her crowning glory--where she sits and poses with it mashed onto the top of her head--before it eventually falls off again! Nevermind--there's no time to lose--as Trouso empties a 5 gallon bucket full of super thick Nastrosol gunge over her. This is warm too and she likes it!

Trouso makes sure every last slimy bit is out of the bucket and sloshes and slaps the remainder over GD's body before beginning a nice (for him!) gungy shampoo, ensuring Everything is rubbed deep into the roots of the hair and scalp!

Finally, it's not the last we've seen of the margarine either as--in this final reel--GD (still in her black tights and once lovely red heels) bends forward once again as her man Trouso twice scrapes up slops from the pool into a bowl and smears all the horrifically greasy gunk all over her bum and legs.

Finally, a few seconds of 'out takes' at the end--featuring Trouso cradling his woman's messy boobs, then attempting to squeeze mess out of GD's hair, plus a close up from camera two of the start of the clean up: Ginger, bent forward, totally slicked, pulls her fingers through her hair which is totally saturated and exclaims 'dear God!' as she realises the enormity of the clean up!

Trouso appears in shot from time to time--but stays clean--and the action is focussed on Ginger. Running time includes some shots being repeated at different angles. Total scene runs over 3 files.
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"Luvverly Dubberdee absolutely covered in messy material--magic!"
drax  11/28/16

I reviewed Part 1 of Luvverly Dubberdee and I loved it, so it made sense I review Part 2, which is in 3 Parts +a little bonus clip as well--it's like Star Wars what with all these different parts/episodes etc! (Hmmm Dubberdee as Princess Leia covered in treacle by Darth Trouso...?!?) Anyway...

Although I might seem easily pleased and maybe not the toughest of reviewers, bearing in mind there is no mistaking my admiration for Trouso's work and rather massive crush on the Devine Ms Dubberdee! I do actually have rather high standards in what I like and am always looking for something to tick a lot of the WAM consumer boxes.

I think this video, taken as a whole with Part 1, certainly is right up there with some of my favourite WAM through the years. I remember my first true WAM material experience, not just glimpsing things on TV or films or recording small clips on the Vcr, it was issue 8 of Splosh! magazine arriving on mail order, the front cover had the gorgeous Carol with custard and treacle or chocolate sauce running down her face, it was amazing to behold and had a profound effect on me. Now all these years later Trouso recreates that with the beautiful Dubberdee as almost a signature, trademark moment in his videos, a creamy faced and matted haired Dubberdee with thick black treacle slicked on top, her eyes and lips peeking through the mess and she looks amazing. Well, yup, he has done that again here, love it.

We start this 2nd quarter with Dubberdee revealing her ample breasts as she removes her bra and she's smearing two big creamy pies over them. Then it's trifle over the head and Dubberdee is about as creamy around the top half of the body as it's possible to get, then the treacle, tremendous and Dubberdee seems to like it--even better!

Some posing and laughing, several angles are replayed and we get to savour the ridiculous, decadent delights of a decidedly dirty Dubberdee. Trouso smears it around and Dubberdee who has expressed her artistic tendencies in other videos, commenting on the aesthetically pleasing effects of the light and dark slicks which engulf her, reckons Triouso will ruin the nice look with a bucket of yucky looking yellow stuff, he does too! I think this actually spoiled it a bit as the gunge didn't really stick, no matter, it can be recycled off the floor!

The video is in danger of going awry here as Margarine-Gate unfolds, Dubberdee says 'no', she is quite firm about it but relents pretty quick when Trouso admits it's for his enjoyment to have that rather horrendous substance plastered on his beloved! Its actually very sweet the way GD says, 'go on then'!

The margarine isn't rubbed into GD's hair though particularly and she wears a big lump of it as a crown for a while, Queen of the Dairy Substitute Spreads, I can't believe it's not butter!

The next phases of this download has Dubberdee messing around and jiggling her bosoms, Trouso continues to wreck her hair massaging the sludge through what started out as a very nice blonde curly hairdo. We are treated to some sweeping shots of GD's legs and her shoes, which looks great but these are a little fleeting for my liking, as a big 'box ticker' for me is leg and bum shots, messy tights and heels but these are not focussed on for too long here.

The mess now is a horrible brown sludge--I like it! To finish GD bends over the chair and her her gorgeous, curves, legs and bum liberally massaged with the large build up of mess from the floor, this is where the margarine came into its own as it is mixed with cream and treacle and goes everywhere where there may have been an absence of filthiness. This is a great section of the video, simple as that.

Overall for me this is not the holy grail, greatest WAM scene ever, although I believe Trouso and Dubberdee have it in them to get pretty darn close for ticking all the boxes for my tastes.

Dubberdee could have had a writhe around in the mess on the floor, that would have been superb. A few more lingering shots of legs, heels and the whole striking image of a semi-naked completely trashed Dubberdee would have been fantastic but that is nit picking really.

Trouso is an artist, Dubberdee his muse, together they make amazing images. The attention to lighting and camera angles is second to none. The result is a funny, entertaining, awesome mess, captured in glorious images from various viewpoints, replayed within the video to best effect so you really miss nothing. You cannot miss the sheer delight of an elegantly presented, beautiful woman being completely obliterated in messy food, enduring and indulging with great humour and with no shortage of sex appeal. Another Trouso-Art Triumph, evoking memories of faded Splosh! Front covers or Photo spreads from the centre pages from back in the day delivered now, bang up to date in vivid colour and textures on HD video, really not to be missed.

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