My Runny Valentine
Starring the following model:
"Trouso shows his Valentine girl a good time with a food based pasting."

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It's the Friday before Valentine's day and Trouso shows his date a good time--the Wammer's way. Ginger is dressed in her own clothes (as usual)--a nice black Boden dress and (with genuine reluctance!) Russell&Bromley patent black heels with some nice complimentary underwear--not forgetting her trademark specs.

The session kicks off with an amusing preamble followed by some real, thick cream pies (with cheesecake style crushed biscuit bases) to the face, cleavage and head.

Pies next to the 'posterior'. One (clumsy one!) to the dress then the skirt is lifted to reveal panties and a rather classy one is smacked right on target.

Down to underwear for a bit of traditional warm custard splattering and then topless for the delivery of a pair of self-pies to the boobs.

Next we've got black treacle from a 7.5 kilo can and handfuls of thick cream are then thrown at Ginger's sticky head and torso both from a mixing bowl and scooped up from the floor.

Another rear view pose in just panties and heels and a bowl of spaghetti hoops is poured over her bum and down her legs (with a bit of help) followed by a nice big dollop of mushy peas which are caught right in the gusset and squeezed a little.

Ginger looks in a right old messy state now as she returns to her original position. It's not quite over yet as Trouso shampoos some nice big clods of clotted cream into Ginger's once lushious locks. Then there is a quick kiss to show no hard feelings

Please do watch to the very end (there is a short, but amusing, verbal lament after the copyright credit)!

Whilst the focus of this feature is Ginger, the cramped conditions of our chosen location meant that Trouso appears in shot from time to time, but as a necessary part of the action (but is out of it most of the time, you'll be pleased to note!) and his elbow gets in the way of just one of the pies (sincere apologies!) but good use is made of the proximity with lots of smearing and rubbing to ensure good coverage of the model and the use of a hand-held camera (Please see the trailer for a flavour of the full scene!).

We hope you enjoy the banter and the mess from this genuine couple sharing their Wamming for you!
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