Profoundly Messy
Starring the following model:
"Trouso gives his nicely dressed GF, Ginger, a good sploshing!"

File count:2
Total size:399.4 MB
Total runtime:14 mins, 10 secs
Date added:11/30/15
Year produced:2015
Product ID:RT-GD001
Scene ID:16230

For the first time on video (but far from the first time ever), buxom Brit, Ginger Dubberdee, gets her latest messing-up from boyfriend, Trouso, whilst beautifully made up and wearing her very own clothes. This time it's a lovely dark blue patterned dress, red heels and her spectacles that'll end up in a heap of slop on the floor. Enjoy her genuine reactions throughout as she anticipates--and takes--a couple of real cream and angel delight flans in the face and hair (and one under the arm!) followed by a gentle dousing in some nice warm custard, then it's a little drizzle with some syrup. Up on the table next so we can see her shapely behind and heels; a small pastry is applied directly, then sheer panties are revealed beneath the dress whereupon a big flan is delivered and smeared all over her legs and shoes. Next, to her raucous (but amused disapproval) her back and bum are sploshed with a bowl of spaghetti hoops in tomato sauce. Back in the chair and topless now ready for her to smush a pair of heaping cream and jam pies into her own bare breasts followed by a slick of black treacle. After singing 'Happy Birthday' to her 'cXXty' boyfriend it's all finished off ('complaints' abound) with a 'nice' coating of greasy porridge (oh, and a bit more black treacle!).

Authentic Wamming from a real couple. Please note: Trouso appears in frame from time to time as a necessary part of the action but does not get messy.
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"This clip is woth every cent"
mseven125  12/1/15

This clip is awesome. I loved your pics but the fact that you make videoclips is so great. I hope there will be more..i surely will be your customer.

Pies to the clothed bum is one of my favourite slapstck routines, but the pie to the armpit is the very best of the clip to me..i think, this routine is underestimated :-)

So keep it up!

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